Remove those bad odours

Accidents happen and on our brand new rug or lounge it can seem like a nightmare, a busted pipe in your house floods a room, our pets create a mess on your new lounge. We can help by either cleaning or setting up protection as a precautionary method.


Increase the life of your furniture and carpet

When a rug or lounge has been exposed to severe soiling conditions, usually we will think to discard it rather than find out if there is a way of restoration, mainly due to the price differences. However, if that rug or lounge has a lot more value to you and your family, get the piece of mind of knowing that we can help with this for a cost within your budget.


Lounge shampooing is a great way to bring your lounge back to life with its original look, feel and array of colours. Lounge Cleaning Gold Coast can help you with this, our staff can go over a in-depth process of cleaning and shampooing your favourite family lounge. We make sure to protect the upholstery by using a water vacuum cleaner, making sure that the water doesn’t create a large mess around your living area.

Sanitising and Cleaning

We carry a large range of cleaning solutions, both for deodorising and sanitising, making sure to eliminate any old odours or newly created ones from an accident. Our staff have a detailed list of procedures that are done on your lounge or carpet making it seem very in-depth but this is required for us to stay within regulations and keeping you and your family healthy.